Hello There, Ducting is a important but hidden part of your HVAC system. The air that heats or cools your home flows through these ducts that are either under your floor or in the attic in most cases. Ducts need to be cleaned like anything else but most homeowners find that if they are consistent with changing their filters duct cleaning becomes less effective. If you do not allow the dirt into the duct system in the first place and the air that is entering the system is being filtered properly you will not see the need to duct clean during the lifespan of the equipment. Some people have serious allergy concerns and we find that they are the ones that get the most out of duct cleaning. The person with “run of the mill” allergies just won’t notice the difference. Dust and dirt is in all duct systems to some extent but we can limit this quite a bit by using a quality filter. We will continue this filter discussion next time. Don’t forget Carrier cool cash rebates are ending May 31st! Have a great day!