Electronic Air Cleaners

Hello There,

It seems like allergy season in the bay area is year round. I know it affects me and others suffer as well. Electronic air cleaners and air purifiers are very popular to handle this airborne pollen and dander that creates the problem. The electronic air cleaner has been around for a long time and people who have owned one will always remember that bug zapping noise they create and some notice the ozone smell they put out. Due to these issues the manufacturers created hybrid air purifiers that have a electronic air cleaner cell and also high efficiency box filter. These have no sound and no smell.

Air filtration is rated in MERV. The electronic air cleaners offer a MERV 12 and the Infinity air purifiers offer a MERV 15. This is in the range of what a Hepa filter would offer but much more inexpensive to operate compared to the Hepa. Next blog we will get more into depth on air filtration and allergy concerns. Remember Carrier cool cash instant rebates end soon! Have a great day!